Friday, July 30, 2010

my family

i live at kampong jaya gading kuantan near to TUDM.. i am 1st sister in my young brother nama, Nasrulah Akmal, 11 years old... my sister nurqamarina izni is 9 years old..and another once is nursyuhada diyana. she only 7 years mom is zubaidah. she is 45 years old and same age with my father, Kamarul Huda... abaout 3-4 years father is a soldier for TDDM..around 8 years ago...i come and stay in kuantan with my family from gombak Selangor.. after 10 years stay in mom make a division to stay in kuantan...because at the same time, my father was transfer to Kuantan Kem..Now..i am "orang Kuantan"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

today....very head....hurm....miss my sad....miss,was angry with no post on 1more sad....but she teach me how to use this blog....i just know how to use fb only....huuhuhuh...tq miss....n i hope i get de good result to my english quiz......